Making Every

Physiotherapy Session Extraordinary



of adult population will be affected at sometime in their life by Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) 

Source - WHO


of work-related health problems in Europe are related to MSD

Source - EU OSHA

Our Solution

Making Every Physiotherapy Session Extraordinary

All-in-one Virtual Reality software platform for Physiotherapists to manage patients recovery efficiently and increase their motivation



Immersive & Entertaining therapy


Gamified VR modules

Data Analytics to evaluate progress




The present and the future of rehabilitation will go through Virtual Reality. The almost infinite possibilities it offers in operability and adaptability to the environment make it an indispensable tool, and Vooiage is at the top of this cutting-edge technology. "

Sergio Hijazo Larrosa 

Physiotherapist , Specialist in movement analysis & Ergonomics

Pikolin / Perfect Motion

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