SENIORS are also part of our VR healthcare revolution

Our second event was at a Residencia here in Madrid where we had the chance to test our product with 86~93 years old seniors with limited mobility.

The experience was one of the most gratifying we have had so far. Nothing compares to seeing the smile on their faces and watching their reactions while trying our product.

The residents tried different VR environments and exercises created by us and the responses could not have been better. One of the gentleman there, when we “took him to the beach” told us this beach was more rocky than the one he last visited, 50 years ago and that the landscape was also better, with more trees. His colleague, that experienced the same VR environment, told us she was mesmerized by the water and the sunshine. Another gentleman, this one 86 years old, shared with us that it reminded him of the test for his driver's license, but much more fun!

The best part was the overall request to change the coke on one of the exercises for a bottle of wine and to try the product again. We are taking both requests into consideration and will be back soon.

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If you want to experience these and other environments and exercises we have created, contact us for a Demo.